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Last Google Street View App Update

Google has an update for its Street View app, bringing some new features.Easy upload images, link cameras, and perform bulk actions. The updated app is already available for Android and iOS users. Google Street View now lets you upload photo spheres from anywhere. The new plus floating action button replaces the camera button that let users turn to their device's built-in camera.

11/19/15, 12:00 AM 

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Pokemon Go players want their money back


The new version of Pokémon Go makes the game a little more stable, but deprives it of an important function. 

Foldable smartphone from Samsung


Samsung is working for some time already on foldable displays for smartphones, originally they should already go in production.

Glittering phone cases


Glittering phone cases are currently very popular, especially children want one of them for their Smartphone.

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