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 01582 177 759

10 User rated the owner of 01582 177 759 as neutral source. Our Telephone Reverse Lookup says this number belongs to the region: Luton. The last database report for 01582 177 759 was taken at 12/22/16, 6:08 AM.

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GroovieSusie got a call from 01582177759

I received a call this morning at 10am - didn't get to my phone in time to answer. I never call back a number I do not recognise and the first chance I get I google it. Advise anyone to follow this advice

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rr got a call from 01582177759

Answered the phone and a weird automated voice says "goodbye" and hangs up. I then call back for the number to not be recognized.

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anon got a call from 01582177759

Just called me saying I had been involved in a crash, they can bolt mad rockets

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jo got a call from 01582177759

got call from it does any1 know who it is

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got a call from 01582177759

Claims to be inland revenue

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findthisperson got a call from 01582177759

I just had a missed call from them too

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tattdan got a call from 01582177759

ran answered it, no reply

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annoid got a call from 01582177759

Sounded like some kind of automated calling service. Asked if i'd been in a car accident... just kept saying no until it melted down and hung up on me. I love bullying the machines.

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POMan got a call from 01582177759

Received a missed call from this number. When I tried to call back I couldn't get through and the call would end with an invalid number message on my phone. Don't know if it is a scam but it is definitely fishy. I advise caution.

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abdurezak got a call from 01582177759

You called me but I didn't get card sorry tanks for called me by

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