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Our FAQ Section

1. What are the features supported by

We allow you to:

  • Identify unknown callers
  • Identify and Block Spammers
  • Find people and companies based on mobile or landline number
  • Connect with others and share your experience with each other

2. How does identify unknown callers and numbers? has a database of Millions numbers, which is used to identify callers unknown to you. This source is a growing, this way we ensure you a better experience getting better with each day.

3. How do I search for a phone number?

Look for the ‘search form’ on top of your web page and type the unknown number

4. How can I block unknown number for the future to prevent they calling me again?

If you have a Smartphone like Android,Windows Phone or IPhone check your ‘Settings’ and go to ‘Manage Block list’ and select the number you want to block and choose ‘block contact’

5. What can i do if I have only Landline and still want to block unknown numbers calling me?

You can contact you provider to block the number calling you in the feature. Visit the webpage of your phone provider to get more informations.

6. How can I share my experience with a dangerous phone call scam or number with the community?

First of all thank you for your feedback. If you like you can report or comment the number on our website. This way you can help other people to stay safe against possible scams or annoying phone calls. Also consider blocking this number on your phone (find more FAQ Point 4).

7. I want to connect with other possible victims of telephone scam or fraud!

If you like you can withe you thoughts on our facebook page to, share your post with other people to expose the strategies of behind the phone scams.

8. I want to keep up to date an never miss a news post again!

Just like our Facebook Page or Google Plus Page. This way you always get the latest news right in time.

9. I saw or wrote accidentally a wrong comment about a phone number listed on your website.

You can use our Contact Form. Send us a short explanation and the comment and number that you like to report.

10. How do I contact Team?

Reach us at Our Contact Form

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